Hugsie Maternity Pillow

Pregnant-friendly side-sleep Pillow
Pregnant women have difficulty sleeping side up during mid-stage of pregnancy, so it is better for mothers to hold to a pillow while sleeping. This can give the tummy a good support and relaxes your legs which also reduces the chance of spasm.
Back-support Pillow
If the back will feel sore during pregnancy, you can use the back-support pillow to give support to your whole back from neck to thigh, this way it will help reduce the sore from your back.
Head Pillow
You can place the head pillow at position where the head lays; it works as a support for your back when watching TV on bed.
Reading Pillow
A hugging pillow that works as a small platform placed in front of you for reading or using 3C devices before bed.
Hugging Pillow
The hugging pillow will give you all the comfort and sense of safety you need when put around you.
Leg-lifting Pillow
Fold the pillow in half and you can put your legs on top to lift your legs, it is sure to bring relaxation to your legs.
Breast Feed Pillow
When breast-feeding on the couch or the bed, you can place the breast feed pillow around your waist. It gives extra support to your hands and reduces its pressure.
Baby Comforting Pillow Cover
Made of 100% natural silk, this pillow cover is smooth, soft, and comfortable for the skin. It gives good air circulation, doesn't generate fuzzballs, and doesn't change its physical shape easily. The ergonomics used lets the baby lie down with a special angle, so that the baby can feel the safety and comfort of being surrounded, which soothes the baby so he/she won't cry that often. The comfort pillow set can ease the uncomfortable feeling of height difference between head and neck, so you can leave the baby.

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