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Sleep Among the Clouds with Singapore’s 13 Best Pillows

Best Pillows Singapore

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A prized pillow lets you dream as if you are floating in the sky amid a cloud of comfort. Its velvety suppleness sinks you into a calming sleep, the best nap in this lifetime. Have a cozy rest snuggling these best pillows in Singapore.


Brings Comfort to Pregnant Women

Price: $179.00

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Having a growing baby bump is not as easy as it sounds and the more a woman gets near her due, the harder it becomes to sleep in a comfortable position. Thankfully, there is a specialized pillow intended to help them sleep better. It’s the Hugsie, a comfort series maternity pillow with cooling touch.

It is a c-shaped pillow ergonomically designed to give some space to a huge baby bump while the mother is sleeping on her side. It can also be used to support the back and relieve pressure from the stomach.

Hugsie is specially created as a multi function pillow which you can use as a U-shaped pillow, head pillow, reading pillow, side-sleep pillow, leg-lifting pillow, nursing pillow, back support pillow, and baby comforting pillow.

Going Soft on the Details – Essential Info

  • 8-in-1 multi function
  • Obstetrician recommended
  • Anti-mites
  • 100% polyester fiber





Sleep Among the Clouds with Singapore’s 13 Best Pillows